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[Sticky] Forum guidelines/rules

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Forum rules

1. No off-topic posts

2. No low value, or uninteresting posts or threads. 

3. No trolling.

4. No referral spam links.

5. No linking to phishing or malware sites, this may result in your account being banned.

6. No pornographic content anywhere on the forum, this will result in immediate ban without warning. 

7. No threats to inflict bodily harm, death threats.

8. All discussions must be in english.

9. No embedded NSFW images anywhere. NSFW content must be marked accordingly.

10. No linking to illegal music sites.

11. No duplicate posting in multiple boards.

12. Bumps are not allowed. 

13. Having multiple accounts is not permitted.

14. Ban evasion (using or creating accounts while one of your accounts is banned) is not allowed.

15. Sending unsolicited PMs is not allowed.

16. Posting multiple posts in a row is not allowed.

17. Posting plagiarized content is not allowed.